Take telecommuting to a new level with the help of immersive telepresence

*Picture: Multilocation facilities, University of Eastern Finland

StreamPlay Oy provides new tools for telecommuting and distance learning, both in Finland and worldwide. We create closer, genuine connections between people with the assistance of our new technology which makes immersive telepresence possible. Our Multilocation concept allows you to be in a shared meeting or classroom, letting you meet life-sized people.

Audio and visual technology for world-renowned brands

StreamPlay Oy is a privately-owned company founded in 2008 which specialises in video technology. StreamPlay began by developing technology platforms to meet the needs of international consumer-electronics manufacturers and OEM-/ODM-manufacturers, and then later branched out into product development services. Over the course of its lifetime, StreamPlay has developed audio and visual technology for new, internationally-recognised brands, and our technology is still used in many different manufacturers' products to this day.

Collaboration with universities began in 2017. The subsequent development project gave rise to the core of our company's current business activity: the Multilocation and Multilocation Classroom (MLC) concepts.

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Innovation for the challenges of telecommuting and distance learning

Telecommuting and distance learning have become much more commonplace in our everyday lives. The coronavirus epidemic in particular has dramatically increased the need for telecommuting, but there are other reasons for substituting in-person meetings in certain situations. These include, for example, reducing transport for a greener business, as well as the possibility for more effective time management when no time is wasted moving from place to place.

We have utilised new technology to help us make connecting at a distance as pleasant as possible for users as an alternative to physical and social meetings and education. Our innovation takes telepresence to a new level by making interaction feel authentic.

We provide our solutions across Finland and worldwide, chiefly to businesses and distance learning organisations. Our main clients in Finland are universities and polytechnics.


Multilocation – enabling genuine meetings through immersive telepresence

Our Multilocation concept provides immersive telepresence, allowing you to feel you're in the same room as other people and to communicate with them naturally.


The word 'immersive' - known from the world of virtual gaming - means the virtual world can be a genuine, believable experience. Various visual and auditory sensations included in the game enhance its authenticity. Telepresence on the other hand refers to new meeting technology in which larger-tan-average display screens and sound-production systems are utilised to simulate realistic meetings or educational events. Our concept brings immersive authenticity to a new kind of meeting technology.

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Multilocation.fi website coming soon

Are you searching for additional information about our concept? We will soon present our Multilocation and Multilocation Classroom on a website dedicated to the product. The website will be launched in Spring 2021 at www.multilocation.fi.

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