Multilocation – authentic encounters in telecommuting and distance learning

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StreamPlay Oy has developed a new kind of technology for teleconferences and distance learning. With the help of our technology, people working far apart can feel like they are physically in the same space.

The age of telecommuting and distance learning requires new and better solutions

Telecommuting, distance learning, and video conferences - as well as utilising video technology to meet at a distance - are already very much an everyday occurrence. Meetings of this variety emphasise the physical and social distance between participants. The feeling of remoteness can be a hindrance to establishing a successful rapport. We have developed a solution for the current age of remote work and learning that enables a new kind of immersive telepresence

Our concept takes advantage of video technology in such a way that the end result is immersive. It is an authentic, absorbing experience seamlessly connecting a business's different branches and offices, representatives of different companies meeting at a distance, and linking university campuses to one another. We offer a Multilocation concept tailored to businesses, and a Multilocation Classroom concept designed for universities and polytechnics.

Multilocation for businesses and Multilocation Classroom universities and polytechnics

Multilocation and Multilocation Classroom (MLC) are life-sized telepresence systems for shared experiences in meetings and classrooms.

The wall of the Multilocation facility functions as a massive telepresence window onto a second Multilocation facility anywhere in the world. Our Multilocation wall creates a credible visual experience completed by our concept's high-quality soundscape.

The Multilocation concept elevates connecting different offices and meetings to a new level. Our solutions help to get more than ever our of telecommuting. 

We offer our concepts to businesses, universities and polytechnics in Finland, Europe, and worldwide. The Multilocation and Multilocation Classroom (MLC) product websites will be launched in Spring 2021 at

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